We appreciate your interest in working with us. Below are the answers to all your questions in relation to agency coaching and consulting.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our focus in all the work we do is on the business aspects of your firm as opposed to the actual work that you perform for your clients. We operate at a high level to help you cover issues and execute your strategies in a cost and time effective manner. So within that context we cover: marketing, sales, operations, administration, leadership, teamwork etc. etc.; all aspects.  There may be areas where we will refer you on to other professionals such as taxation or HR professionals who are in a position to provide specific advice on complex issues.

The difference between coaching and mentoring is subtle and often these are combined.

In mentoring, we tend to focus on deeper, more personal issues affecting results. In coaching it’s more about skills, techniques and methods.

The duration of an engagement is entirely up to you the client. Almost all coaching is goal directed i.e. we set goals that we work towards. Your workload, state of mind and other more personal issues will determine your work tempo.

Coaching engagements usually go for between 6 months to 3 years, depending on the goals.  As time goes by the coaching often evolves into mentoring and this could last several more years or indeed indefinitely. Our longest engagements have been around 10 years; from start-up through to exit via trade sale; 0 to 100+ employees

In most cases, coaching is undertaken by the business owners. In most cases they are also the business chief executives. Occasionally, senior managers are also coached. There is no set rule and this is something that you should discuss with your coach.

We have been fully engaged in coaching for the past 18 years. Whilst most of that work has been with agencies, a variety of other business have also been our clients. During this period we have worked with around 130 different businesses, and the average tenure of clients has been 4 years and 2 months.

Additional experience comes from hands-on ownership and management of various B2B and B2C businesses.

The charges vary in terms of meeting frequency in the ratio 1:2:3 for one meeting:two meetings:four meetings per month.  Currently most clients are on a two meeting per month plan at a charge of AU$2,400 (Excluding GST).

Fees are payable either on a month by month basis or as a lump sum payment in advance.

All payments are due on the 1st of the month. Payments can be made by direct deposit, PayPal or credit card. In the case of PayPal and credit card, the additional fees will be charged.

All meetings are held via video conference using Zoom. This has proven to be far more effective than office visits both in terms of time and efficacy.

As a client, you will receive a calendar with proposed times for all meetings. These are not necessarily locked-in and you will be able to reschedule meetings if required. Wherever possible we will try and accommodate your preferences for meeting times.

Generally there will be between 3 and 5 action items that result from a meeting,  that you will be expected to work on between meetings. If relevant, you are invited to send finished work through for critique or feedback between meetings. Generally we will provide a response to such requests within 24 to 48 hours. In this way you will be able to move forward as quickly as you choose.

In addition, email support is provided as and when required, with a 24-48 hour turn around.

With coaching, the coach does not undertake any specific work on behalf of the clients business. All outcomes are down to the decisions and actions of the client. As such there can be no specific guarantees on business outcomes.

That said, there is no lock-in period. We are confident that you will obtain excellent value from our services and as such will continue as long as it makes economic sense to do so. In the absence of a guarantee, that should make for sufficient reassurance and risk mitigation.

As industry specialists this is a situation that happens from time to time. Like other professionals, we are very careful  to avoid ‘bleed through’. Accordingly we have strict confidentiality clauses in our agreements to avoid any conflicts. There have been no issues in this regard in 16 years.

This is a common question and the answer is in principle ‘yes’. Out of respect to our clients time and privacy, we request that you work through us to organise this.

An alternative is to review some of our client testimonials.


Coaches achieve results by focusing on facilitating results through their clients and empowering them to be more resourceful and more outcomes focussed. In doing so their clients learn how to work much more effectively and become more independent.

A consultant’s objective is to provide solutions and so they come with a great deal of specialist industry knowledge. Consulting engagements are usually specific to one or two related challenges.

In our practise we provide a practical mixture of both.  We have a great deal of specialist knowledge and experience, but we understand that for the best long term outcomes for our clients, it is more helpful to tack a coaching approach, interspersed with best practise solutions to speed implementation and results.

It may be hard for you to arrive at a conclusion on your own. Talk to us and we will help you understand what will be the more relevant approach and then you are free to choose.

We have several areas of in-depth, signature expertise in relation to agencies:

  • Business strategy development and implementation
  • Leadership, team building, motivation and accountability management
  • Organisational and management development
  • Sales process and sales management
  • Client retention, relations and account management
  • Operations management and efficiency
  • Business systemisation and cost reduction
  • Financial and administration management, financial and administration operations

At the conclusion of a specific consulting engagement we will conduct a review meeting, assess your personal and business needs moving forwards and if required offer you options of how we can help you.


  • Business strategy
  • Team Alignment and Engagement

An externally facilitated workshop is an opportunity for a team to put their heads together and deal with issues that need group input and buy-in. Heavy duty issues can be expeditiously dealt with on a consensus basis.

  • The agenda and desired outcomes are agreed on beforehand.
  • The venue arrangements and communication with attendees is the responsibility of the firm.
  • There is always some work required for preparation.
  • Workshops begin at 9:00 am sharp and are over by approximately 5:00 pm. The days is divided into 4 x 1½ or 1¾ hour segments with breaks in between.

Need To Know More?

If you would like to find out more, the next step would be to book a no-cost, no-obligation call, where we will discuss your business and see if there is a fit between your needs and how we help our clients to succeed and win.