Business and Executive Coaching for Agency Owners

Not making the progress you feel you should be? See the benefit in confidentially working through things with someone? Frustrated with things that others have clearly mastered?

Perhaps you know there are things you need to change or do but you somehow can’t get going with them. You can see other agencies around you doing really well and you are keen to keep pace, but somehow it’s not happening.

Business coaching is universally recognised as the method of choice for mobilising action and producing results; just as coaching is an indispensable element for elite sports success.

You would be astonished to learn how strongly coaching has impacted some of the best known business leaders and helped them go much further than they could ever have on their own.

What does business coaching offer?

A Process

Take away the uncertainty and risk in the knowledge that you are following a proven method for achievement in business.

Advice and collaboration

The power of working through things with a trusted partner and getting objective input from a different perspective.


Making sure you deliver on what you commit to, bringing your entire firm along with you.

Succeeding in an agency business in not easy. Our coaching reduces your risks and speeds things up by helping you to get clear on your goals, developing a sound plan for reaching them and then assisting and supporting you through execution and implementation.

Throughout the process we will keep you motivated and accountable while providing you with the advice and support you need to make sure that you make real, measurable progress.

‘Evan is a excellent business coach and sounding board. He has become a trusted advisor on business performance, staffing, accountability, process improvement and sales strategies. I recommend him to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.’

Angela Harbinson
Managing Director, Thirst Creative Pty Ltd

Angela Harbinson

How will business coaching help you?

Coaching helps agency owners like you make big strides in your business:

Whats the difference between Business and Executive Coaching?
Business coaching focusses on addressing the needs of the business in terms of improvemenemts and growth. Executive coaching focuses on improving the impact of individuals and their approach to the business.
  • Aligns your thoughts and actions with your desired outcomes
  • Quickly introduces high impact, best practice strategies to your business to deal with short term issues, reduce your personal time demands and generate more contribution from your staff
  • Provides a strong framework for decisivley dealing with major business elements such as client acquisition, recruitment, operational efficiency and many other challenges
  • Gets you to translate your business ideas into a realistic, step by step plan
  • Fast-tracks the execution of your plans to produce immediate results
  • Gets you focussed on how to maximise your opportunities, pricing, efficiency and profits
  • Teaches you how to become a better leader and to build an engaged team that will help you grow your business
  • Gets you focussed on sustainable profits and business growth so that your business increases in value and becomes an attractive asset

Our coaching engages owners and leaders of agencies.

Coaching is a series of conversations about how to actualise your agency’s full potential. The outcome of each conversation are goals and actions that will take you forward to that realization.

It is an arrangement based on a mutual desire for win-win outcomes. There is no minimum time commitment, although we do recommend that you prepare for at least 12 months to get permanent results.


We will start with a ½ day meeting so that we can do a deep dive into your current situation and brief you on the details of how we will work together.

How does a coaching meeting go?

In each one hour video conference meeting, we analyse, brainstorm, think, discuss and work out what actions you need to take.  We’ll deal with your questions and keep you moving forward. Our industry and business experience will give you access to perspectives  and insights simply not easily available to you anywhere else.

We support your work

You will get a wide range of time and effort saving tools and templates that will save heaps of research and make some of the more complex tasks easy.


We individually review and critique any coaching related work you do. This is done outside of and in addition to your coaching meetings.


Momentum is all important. Most clients have 2 coaching meetings per month, some 4. It depends on how quickly you want to make progress and how much time you have to work on your business.

Between meetings, you can ask questions and get other forms of support by email. If the situation requires it, we can schedule some additional face-to-face time to tackle your issue – no extra charge.

Why Choose Us?

  • Appropriate and specific advice. You need specialist advice. There are many business coaches available but few can provide the specialist insights you really need. This makes all the difference and will help you to build momentum quickly
  • Experience based expertise. You want to know what really works. You will benefit from our in-depth experience in the agency industry.
  • Track record of success. Check out our testimonials; our clients are very successful.
  • Knowledge beyond the basics. With our support, some clients have been able to take their businesses well beyond their wildest expectations. All this as a result of our advanced, in-depth knowledge and extensive business experience.
  • Highly personalised service. The intricacies of your business and your personal needs are at the heart of our approach and the reason our clients achieve so much. We will make it work for you.
  • Encyclopedic systems and tools database. You are able to leverage an extensive set of agency specific templates, systems and tools to aid with rapid implementation. This reduces your workload and time pressure.
  • A trust based mentoring relationship. You will find it easy to tackle some of the most sensitive and challenging issues. This will make the tough challenges of your job a lot easier and less stressful to get through.
  • No lock-in contract. You can be confident in our ability to deliver immense value to you and your business month after month; that's why there is no lock-in and why our clients work with us for several years.

‘Not only is Evan excellent at helping from a business perspective, he also assisted greatly to ensure drive and focus were always 100%.’

Kristian Curcio
Managing Director, 500 Digital Media
Kristian Curcio

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