The Crema Business Coaching Mastermind

A program for owners of Creative/Marketing/Agency businesses looking for growth

Hi, I’m Evan Rubenstein, a business growth strategist.

After a number of years of working with and talking to many business owners in the Creative/Marketing/Agency space, I realized there was a disturbing pattern:

  • Many were working ridiculous hours and not making a decent living
  • Stress levels varied from high to stratospheric
  • Very often people had no idea as to how they were going to resolve things and end up with a strong business and a secure future
  • Most had completed several years of study to learn their craft but had not learned anything about being in business making it slow going
  • They could not afford to become one-on-one business coaching clients to quickly work there way out of their situation

So I created CREMA Business. The place where Creative/Marketing/Agency business owners can affordably fast track the business mastery they need to be able to win. Not only to be able to work less and make more, but to build an easy to manage business asset of real value, that they could one day sell for a sizable chunk of change.

The CREMA Business Coaching Mastermind

CREMA (CREative/MArketing/Agency) Business Coaching Mastermind is a high-powered Business Skills and Leadership Development program designed to help you build the know-how you need to take your business from where it is today, to where you really want it to be. It involves hands-on experience based learning, business mastermind activities and one-on-one personal coaching. This combination ensures that learnings and growth practises are immediately implemented in your business. As a result you see results happening as you go.

With this proven combination the sky really is the limit for your business growth.

You have the specific domain knowledge of your field
We have the methodology and track record of helping people like you produce outcomes beyond their dreams

"The CREMA Business Coaching Mastermind equips you with the knowledge and support structure to produce the business you've always wanted."

Why did you start your agency in the first place?

  • Did you want to take on more challenging and satisfying projects?
  • Were you after the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning your own business?
  • Did you get tired of working for a boss and imagine you could do a lot better?
  • Were you aiming to increase your income?

So, how are you doing? Are you comfortable with the progress you are making or do you want more?

Agency businesses are not simple. Not only do they have a complex sales and fulfillment processes, they are skills and relationship driven, making scaling difficult and sustainable profitability challenging.

We understand this.

For over 15 years, our clients, people like you, have been learning how to grow and become strong,  with the owners achieving the fulfillment and freedom they seek.

We combine our proven business building methodology with the power of the Mastermind, to ensure that all participants are on a success trajectory. This way they make massive strides in their businesses; more than they can imagine.

Business Success Trajectory

You see, statistics show that most businesses fall far short of initial expectations.  In fact most never get beyond just becoming profitable. This is not just a matter of effort. It has much more to do with skills, knowledge and business acumen. Things that most don't even know they don't possess.

Why the CREMA Business Coaching Mastermind?

There are two categories of frustrated agency owner: The first is very frustrated with slow progress, challenging cash flow and profitability, and the sheer effort and stress of their lives. Business growth is really hard to sustain and their personal incomes are modest. Long term wealth and lifestyle aspirations are on hold and eventual decent retirement prospects - well those can't even be contemplated!

The second category is in a better position. They have reliable businesses and steady incomes. They want to grow but just haven't figured out how to do it properly.

Despite the different circumstances, the CREMA Business Coaching Mastermind can help both.


The transition from agency owner to accomplished business person is not easy. Going into business is easy. Being successful is really hard. Once you are in a business there are few opportunities to learn and improve other than by trial and error. Combine that with high workloads and busy schedules and a clear picture emerges.


Over the last 20 odd years, Business Coaching has become recognised as a reliable and successful method for massive business progress, just as coaching is an indispensable component of elite sports success.

Business Coaching exists in many styles. Experience has shown that a group model is a great way to make a lot of progress in a short time for a modest investment. It will give you as a member the following benefits:

In the company of like minded business people, have the opportunity to come to grips with the wide range of issues that hold your business back and learn how to effectively deal with them.
Get momentum and synergy from others in the group. The group structure broadens the base of learning; provides peer support and improves motivation and accountability.
A more cost effective option.  You can access the relevant knowledge and experience of an expert coach at a more affordable level.
Partnership and referral opportunities. Shared challenges and experience build trust amongst group members opening the doors to business synergy.

The enormous benefit of having a mentor to help with the immense challenge of running an ASX listed business is what started Evan on his coaching journey, 16 years ago.

Evan brings 12 years of frontline CEO level business experience and 16 years of Business Coaching Experience to the table to make it easy for his clients to accelerate their success, and achieve more than they could dream of by themselves.

Evan has a knack for making the complex simple and generating action a within his clients businesses. His client list is impressive. His results - more so.

“Evan has been a great asset to our business and has been fundamental to our growing success.Providing an external independent perspective, he has guided us to make informed strategic decisions about the way we operate, act and plan.... We have exceeded our own expectations in our growth and profitability
in the business”

Josh CohenDirector, Lemonade

"Evan Rubenstein truly walks-the-talk and has helped our business produce results that frankly, we didn't think we were capable of achieving. During the course of our coaching, our team of 10 has grown to 40 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London. Our revenue has grown by 310% and profit has increased
by 185%...."

Tim FouhyJoint Managing Director, Reactive Media

Why Join?

Building a business takes knowledge and skills that are typically not part of most business owner’s educational background. Coaching has been embraced by the business world as a tool for success and there is no doubt about how effective it can be.

By joining a Crema Business Coaching Mastermind you will:

  • become really, really clear about your goals and the plan that will get you there
  • get the motivation and knowledge to do things you tend to avoid on this journey; the things that are currently holding you back
  • accomplish what you really need to by being fully accountable to your goals and action items you undertake
  • gain the knowledge and advice you need to execute your plan effectively and to become a much better business person
  • learn the critical leadership and management skills to help you build a great team that will make your life easier
  • build a strong network of colleagues, bonded by common challenges and the shared experience
  • probably generate enough new business through the people on the program to cover the entire program investment

Join The CREMA Business Coaching Mastermind

Ready to take action and start kicking goals? Start by registering your interest and getting on the waiting list. We'll then get on a call, have a chat to see if  this is a good fit for you.

Then it's a matter of matching you with a mix of other agency owners that will be in your group.

What Do You Really Need to Take Your Business From Good to Great?

You already have the technical skills you need to provide excellent solutions and results for your clients. That’s not where we can help.

Here's what the CREMA Business Coaching Mastermind will give you

  • Helps you discover the things you don’t yet know you don’t know
  • Aligns your thoughts and actions with your desired outcomes
  • Gets you to develop your business ideas into a step by step plan
  • Teaches you how to get traction with your plan and holds you accountable for executing it
  • Helps you fast-track your implementation of the systems, procedures, and software you need as part of your plan
  • Thoroughly teaches you important business principles across a range of topics
  • Gets you focussed on how to maximise your systems, opportunities, pricing, marketing and sales
  • Helps you identify and fix the current weaknesses in your business to make you more efficient
  • Works with you to analyse and develop opportunities to improve your current profitability
  • Gets you focussed on sustainable profits and business value growth so that your business becomes a valuable asset
  • External accountability to ensure that you remain true to your goals
"At first it was a lot of theory and homework and I thought 'jeez, I'm doing a lot more here than I did at uni or at school' But now that is implemented, it's just tweak, improve and keep heading in the direction I'm really going in."
Kristian Curcio
500 Digital Media

Evan's insights from an extraordinary portfolio of experience are invaluable, and his genuine interest in the success of our business is wonderful.

Dave Collins
AngryChair Video

Why I Can Help You?

Over 28 years of business ownership - online and offline - from start-ups to ASX listed companies. I know what works, because I’ve made it work - and I’ve had my own money on the table, rather than simply managing a business with other people’s money.

For 16 years I have coached 100’s of business owners through their own  journey of success. I have studied extensively and understand the challenges, the methods and the psychology. I have helped companies with small businesses become big; with big businesses become bigger. From no profit to massive profit; from just a few employees to hundreds; from 90 hours of work a week to 30 hours or even less a week.

Evan Rubenstein

Join The CREMA Business Coaching Mastermind

Ready to take action and start kicking goals? Start by registering your interest and getting on the waiting list. We'll then get on a call, have a chat to see if  this is a good fit for you.

Then it's a matter of matching you with a mix of other agency owners that will be in your group.